DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton is coming soon to Monterey Park.  Planning has approved of a new 180-room hotel with restaurant and retail.  The 1.12-acre site is located on Atlantic, between the 10 Freeway and Garvey.

Architect Group has designed a “timeless” modern hotel featuring smooth stucco, wood panels, wall to wall glass, and aluminum columns.  To accommodate the guests Hilton will construct a 3-level subterranean parking structure along with a 3 bus turn out space.  Guests will get to enjoy business center, fitness centers, pools, and a spacious roof top deck
It can be daunting trying to keep your children occupied during lockdown when you live in an apartment or unit. Even as coronavirus restrictions start to ease, it will likely be awhile before life will return to what we used to call “normal”. The majority of sports and after-school activities will continue to be affected or to operate in a limited capacity; and chances for socialising, shopping or just hanging out will continue to be restricted for a while longer. What this means is that when your children are not at school, they’ll still be spending more time inside your apartment than they used to just a few months ago. And given that they’ve spent a great deal of time indoors lately, they’re likely to be going a little stir crazy.

Here are a few ideas you can try to keep them entertained and off their devices when forced to spend time inside.

Create a cubby house
Get your children to create a special place for themselves where they can go to hang out when they’re getting sick of everyone else’s company. Create a reading nook, fort or hideaway using blankets, pillows or a play tent. Get the kids to decorate it however they choose, and find spots for toys or books that they might want to use while in their cosy nook.

Plant a window box or patio garden
If you live in a small apartment, you can still do some gardening. Grab a suitable container, some potting mix and some seeds or seedlings (let your kids choose) and have fun making an indoor container or hanging garden. Make looking after it your kids’ responsibility visit live casino bonus on ibetnetwork.

Run a photography competition
Let your kids participate in a photography competition. Give them a day or so to take interesting and creative photos around the place, then get them to submit their best three for judging. Either judge them yourself (don’t forget prizes) or post them on Facebook and ask your friends and family to vote for their favourite. Your kids will love getting recognition and kudos for their work, and it will force them to think outside the box a little.

In total the six-story hotel will be roughly 97,870 square feet in size.