City of Pasadena is in the process of reviewing a mix-use project on Union Street.
The project is located at 254 E. Union between Marengo Ave and Garfield Ave.  The 0.5 acre site will be home for a new 6 story mix-use building with 36 unit condominium units and 3,625 square feet of commercial space.
The first floor would be comprised of general parking and retail space, lobby, and mail room.  While floors two through five will each house 9 residential units composed of one, two, and three bedrooms units.  Finally, the roof level will serve as common area for the residents with amenities such as a lounge area, bar area , dog park, and more.
To accommodate the residents and commercial pedestrians two levels of subterranean parking will be created to go along with the ground level parking.
This project has provided Pasadena Planning Department historic review and environmental study.