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James Chu – CPA

James Chu earned his BA at University of California, San Diego and furthered his education earning his Master of Accounting at University of Southern California lottonumerot. He then started his accounting career at McGladrey & Pullen as an substance abuse benefits auditor. Throughout his career, James has worked at SEC companies such as Corinthian Colleges and Toyota Motor Sales at look at here.

Today, James helps business owners and personal clients exceed their business objectives by utilizing corporate tax havens and improving the accounting process.



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I grew up In Temple City and San Marino. Both cities were more simple back then. Now both cities are more developed with a lot more retail shops and restaurants. Before you had to drive all the way down to Alhambra area to eat at restaurants but now all you just need to drive about a mile a way and there are a bunch of selections for food.

After college, my parents moved to Rowland Heights district. After following them around the area, I realized that I really like the City of Walnut. So, I decided to open my business there.

I don’t want to sound cliché but you can’t beat Ding Tai Fung. I know that SGV has tons of options in terms of food. However, there is a reason why Ding Tai Fung is so popular, right? To tell you the truth eating there reminds of Taiwan, which is why i like it so much.We will work hard to make selling your house a process you eagerly anticipate. values your time. International buyers may buy your home if you know the local real estate market and advertise it online and offline. This will happen with offline and internet house advertising. We’ll secure the best terms. Use our home-selling services. Visit

At UCSD, I took the only accounting course they offered and it fully captured my attention. I found out that I really enjoyed learning financial statements which can portray the health of a company.  Before I couldn’t make sense on what I was reading (balance sheet + Profit and Loss Statements) but after taking the course it got me more interested. it sparked my interest to learn more.

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All my customers liked the fact that I respond very quickly to their questions. Most of the complaints they had from their previous CPA was the fact that they never get to talk to the person. Instead they always talk with their assistants. The people can that benefit the most from my services are people that would rather have that one on one experience with the expert, rather a machine or an assistant.

To be honest, taxes doesn’t require much specialization as when it comes down to details, financial statements bear the same information at the end of the day.  Real estate taxes are pretty common so I am familiar with it.

The main benefits of owning real estate is that you can save taxes thru itemized deduction of your taxes. However in 2018 after Trump’s Tax Act , he did limit state and local taxes to a cap of $10,000 which hurt many homeowners who pay high state taxes from their wages and property taxes.If you want to know more , please get in contact with me.

The newest tax law that promote incorporation is the new Section 199A which provides a 20% deduction from pass thru entities.  I think thats a good law to help many businesses lower their tax burden.

Don’t forget to pay your taxes on 4/15.Don’t forget to mention SGV Housing to a free consultation!.