Property Details

220 S. San Gabriel Blvd

San Gabriel, CA 91776

E. Live Oak



Kollin Altomare Architects

San Gabriel Square

Property Details

34,840 Commercial SF
248,865 Residential SF

5 Stories

10 Commercial Units
163 Residential Units

545 Parking Spaces


Arcadia based developer, San Gabriel Square LLC, is seeking approval for a mix-use development on the corner of E. Live Oak and San Gabriel Blvd.  The 3.59-acre site will be the location of a 3 building mix-use development composed of  163 residential units and 10 commercial units.  Residential units will be composed of 1 & 2 bedrooms with residential parking provided in 2 stories subterranean parking.  Residences will be able to enjoy clubhouse, pools, and retail.

This will be yet another exciting new development on San Gabriel Blvd.

Property Details

1728 Bonnie Cove Ave

Glendora, CA 91740

Bonnie Cove Ave & Claraday St

Apartment Development


Steve Eide Design Group


Property Details

4,032 SF

25 FT

4 Units

2 Car Garage, 2 Guest Parking


The corner of Bonnie Cove Ave and Claraday St will be the location of a new 4 unit townhome development.  Architect Steve Eide Design Group has designed 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes ranging from 1454 to 1657 SF.  Each unit will come with a private 2 car garage, backyard, and deck.

This is a very interesting project because of the zoning of the lot and location.  The zoning allows for higher density, however, the owners have decided to reduce the amount to 4 units.  As for the location, the lot is conveniently to retail stores such as CVS, subway, In-N-Out, and more.

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